Project Overview

The rap trio, Migos', official clothing line, Yung Rich Nation is a leading fashion line in the streetwear space. This brand speaks to loud styles, 90's roots, and Atlanta culture, just like Migos themselves.

Project Type


Social Media


The Branding

Custom Packaging

YRN’s branding is an embodiment of the fashion line’s name, Yung Rich Nation. The gold, black, and white color scheme is often incorporated with money prints to reflect the theme of wealth and expensive style. The clothing is loud and culturally influenced, with designs drawing inspiration from Asia, USA, and Mexico, the three places that most influence Migos’ lyrics.

The Design

Responsive Design

Built on Shopify Plus, the website design offers a premium experience with Migos music videos playing as the banner of every page. Our merchandising decisions are completely data driven, meaning we curate and rotate the clothing options often so consumers do not get lost looking for the line’s hero products. The layout is clean, intuitive, and aesthetically organized.

Mobile First

Built For Mobile

With Migos’ loud social presence and YRN’s digital and social ad marketing, it’s safe to assume that many of our buyers are receiving our messaging over the phone rather than the computer. With our millennial consumer base, an intuitive and fluid mobile experience is imperative. Our made for mobile experience allows you to make quick purchases without the lag or opportunity to think twice about your buying decision.