Project Overview

Turmerical is a health supplement company that SOLELY focuses on producing turmeric based products. Turmerical was inspired by the scientific evidence of turmeric-curcumin's immense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory healing powers. Our dedication to focusing only on Turmeric differentiates our products and knowledge base from that of other health supplement companies. We source the highest quality ingredients and strive to always bring the newest and most innovative science to our healing turmeric products. We are OBSESSED with all things Turmeric.

Project Type

A Turmeric-Curcumin Supplement Company

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The Branding

Custom Packaging

Our packaging experience promotes our core values of living an all-encompassing, healthy lifestyle. Our bright and lively design and aesthetic inspires our customers to get-up-and-go while also reflecting the mind-body vibrance and vitality of our products.

The Design

Responsive Design

Our aesthetic is uplifting, tranquil and beautiful, reflecting the essence of our product. Our store navigation is designed to be simple, seamless and intuitive. With "Simply Turmeric" being our core motto, we put extra effort and technology into creating a look and experience built around simplicity.

Mobile First

Built for Mobile

Our customers are active and on-the-go. Besides, don’t they say that sitting at a desk is a guaranteed way to shorten your life expectancy? Who needs desktop when you can better your life in a few short clicks on your mobile device? Our seamless subscription service makes prioritizing your health and wellbeing easier than putting on your gym shoes.